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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Sen. Orrin Hatch Knocks Down the Big Lie About Tax Cuts for the Rich

Hatch has a decades long record of working on behalf the little guy. Democrats only talk about doing that then do what their Wall Street donors tell them to!

This was a few days ago but as I think about what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving, I'm thankful someone in the GOP Senate finally told Democrats to stop lying:

Thursday, November 16, 2017

When Will Democrats Demand Sen. Al Franken, (D-MN) Resign His Seat After Photo of Him Groping Woman and Charges of Assault are Raised?

Will Dems apply the same standard to Franken that they demand for Moore?

Bad enough Dems covered up for Bill Clinton despite the evidence of Monica's blue dress. More on that in the post below.  They always seemed to find an excuse for Clinton's predatory behavior. What excuse will they use this time?

Here's Al Franken in 2006 groping a sleeping woman and the story of how he forced the woman to kiss him.

Is Al Franken "unfit for office?"

Sen. Medendez (D-NJ) Sex with underage prostitutes!

And what about Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) who is on trial for corruption is also implicated in the sex trade.  Federal prosecutors describe credible allegations that Menendez cavorted with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. Is Menendez fit for office?

While Republican leaders have publicly and loudly denounced Roy Moore in Alabama based on allegations from 40 years ago you won't hear ONE DEMOCRAT leader demand that Franken or Menendez resign or suggest Bill Clinton should lose his federal benefits. Tell me again which party is engaged in a war on women?

P.S. Media coverage of Roy Moore's scandal got 40 times the coverage of Menendez's trial. The coverup continues!

Place your bets: Will the mainstream liberal media cover Franken's crime or cover it up?

Bill and Al Franken. Two peas in the pod!

  • Franken joked about drugging and raping CBS's Leslie Stahl! Franken has a history of joking about sexual assault on women.
  • Bernie Sanders: Men fantasize about abusing women. Women fantasize about being raped!

Bernie Sanders and Al Franken sharing rape fantasies?
Here's what Bernie said about women: "she fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously."

Bernie Sanders rape fantasy.  Two peas in the pod!
Let me know when the above gets anywhere NEAR the level of hysterical news coverage as Alabama's Roy Moore!

P.S. Al Franken jokes about incest, rape and pedophilia.  

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I'll Dump Roy Moore in Alabama When Libs Revoke Bill Clinton's Pension and Office Allowance!

Bill Clinton is accused of rape. Until the left takes that seriously enough to DO something about it their complaints about lesser charges against Moore are empty and hollow!

An interesting thing has happened in the past few days. Major left media has suddenly discovered their original sin by covering up for Bill Clinton all these years. A big story in the Atlantic "Bill Clinton: A Reckoning," was followed by one in the New York Times: "I Believe Juanita" about the charge that Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick.

Both articles refute the adamant long held liberal belief that Bill Clinton was not the sexual predator that his accusers made him out to be. The Atlantic article even dredges up the Clinton defense by feminist icon Gloria Steinem who wrote in the New York Times in 1998:
"It's not harassment and we're not hypocrites." Sorry Gloria, GUILTY on both counts!
Steinem went so far as to exonerate Clinton in the assault on Katleen Wiley:
“Even if the allegations are true, the President is not guilty of sexual harassment. He is accused of having made a gross, dumb, and reckless pass at a supporter during a low point in her life. She pushed him away, she said, and it never happened again. In other words, President Clinton took ‘no’ for an answer.”
The other women, mostly from Arkansas had become the focus of ridicule and personal attacks by the Clinton machine.

But now, after all these years Michelle Goldberg writing in the New York Times says:
Of the Clinton accusers, the one who haunts me is Broaddrick. The story she tells about Clinton recalls those we’ve heard about Weinstein. She claimed they had plans to meet in a hotel coffee shop, but at the last minute he asked to come up to her hotel room instead, where he raped her. Five witnesses said she confided in them about the assault right after it happened. It’s true that she denied the rape in an affidavit to Paula Jones’s lawyers, before changing her story when talking to federal investigators. But her explanation, that she didn’t want to go public but couldn’t lie to the F.B.I., makes sense. Put simply, I believe her.
Bill Clinton with Kevin Spacey.  Two peas in the pod!
At Vox, Matthew Yglesias writes that "Bill Clinton Should Have Resigned" after the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke. Yet at the time the left defended him with absolute fervor. Why the change now? Is it just an attempt to say the rules have changed and now we must apply this standard to Republicans like Moore, or even Trump? Meanwhile, Bill Clinton is still collecting over $200,000 in annual pension and $1,000,000 in office expenses. I have yet to hear one of these Moore bashers suggest this should be taken away.

If Democrats are truly serious about holding politicians accountable then they will lead the charge to revoke Bill's pension and office. They should also demand a special prosecutor to investigate other Clinton wrongdoing. Anything less means their attacks on Moore and other Republicans are just more of the political hypocrisy for which they have been found GUILTY all these years!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Something Rotten in Claims GOP Senate Candidate Moore Dated Underage Girls: Accuser Worked for Democrats!

The same bunch that bought and paid for a phony dossier accusing Trump of colluding with Russia wouldn't stop at manufacturing a hit piece on a candidate in Alabama!

After one of these bombshell media reports surfaces it usually takes a few days before the REAL story comes out. Same here in the attempt by Democrats to smear the GOP candidate in the special election for the Senate seat in Alabama.

First the accusations that Roy Moore dated younger women, even the uncorroborated charge that one was as young as 14.  Now we learn that one of the accusers worked for Democrats. Here's Debbie Gibson:

With Hillary

Vice President Biden

And Moore's Democrat opponent

That's just the short list. Gibson has quite a history working for Democrats and the photos to prove it.

Excuse me, but was ANY of that mentioned in the articles damning Moore? Not a word. In fact, the Post story which started it all denied that Gibson had ever worked for Democrat challenger Murphy.

Moore has been a statewide candidate many times and been a judge.  Now, surprise allegations from nearly 40 years ago surface at the last moment?

If you can't smell the dirt in this smear you need to see a doctor!

Sad Mitt Romney Gets in the Act

Failed GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney joined other weak kneed Republicans like fellow failed presidential contender John McCain in denouncing Moore. Romney said "Innocent until proven guilty is for criminal convictions, not elections." How good of you Mitt. Readers may recall Romney had his own experience with Democrat smears when he said he had "binders full of women." Perhaps he should have left the campaign then too. Then there's McCain' extra marital affair that led to the dissolution of his first marriage. Perhaps he should resign too!

Establishment Democrats and Republicans are desperate to keep Moore and any true conservative from rocking the boat in Washington. Moore better hire a body guard as there is nothing they won't do if you get in their way. Just ask former DNC head Donna Brazile why she feared for her life!

Trump Got Royal Treatment in China and South Korea Visit

Each stop on his trip, allies and hosts are affirming their desire to work with Trump and honoring him in the process!

It must make the left livid. The world doesn't hate President Trump at all!  In fact, world leaders appear to like him much more than Obama?  Don't believe me?  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Here's Obama forced to deplane from Air Force One in China by the back stairs. Described by one observer as being forced to "go out of the ass’ of Air Force One." This is after years of Obama kowtowing to China. That obsequious behavior was treated with contempt by the Chinese who admire strength in leadership.

Here's how Trump arrived in Beijing:

Followed by a visit to the Forbidden City with their hosts:

Then a huge welcome in Tienanmen Square:

South Korean President: Trump 'is already making America great again'

The welcome in South Korea was also grand. Dinners and ceremony were mixed with Trump's speech to the South Korea's National Assembly:

Trump's speech was Reaganesque. He talked about the ravages of war, the alliance with South Korea then drew a direct parallel to the failures of communism as observed in the North to the prosperity that comes with freedom.
TRUMP: Much of this great city of Seoul was reduced to rubble. Large portions of the country were scarred -- severely, severely hurt -- by this horrible war. The economy of this nation was demolished.

But as the entire world knows, over the next two generations something miraculous happened on the southern half of this peninsula. Family by family, city by city, the people of South Korea built this country into what is today one of the great nations of the world. And I congratulate you. (Applause.) In less than one lifetime, South Korea climbed from total devastation to among the wealthiest nations on Earth.

Today, your economy is more than 350 times larger than what it was in 1960. Trade has increased 1,900 times. Life expectancy has risen from just 53 years to more than 82 years today.
The Korean miracle extends exactly as far as the armies of free nations advanced in 1953 -- 24 miles to the north. There, it stops; it all comes to an end. Dead stop. The flourishing ends, and the prison state of North Korea sadly begins.

Workers in North Korea labor grueling hours in unbearable conditions for almost no pay. Recently, the entire working population was ordered to work for 70 days straight, or else pay for a day of rest.

Families live in homes without plumbing, and fewer than half have electricity. Parents bribe teachers in hopes of saving their sons and daughters from forced labor. More than a million North Koreans died of famine in the 1990s, and more continue to die of hunger today.

Among children under the age of five, nearly 30 percent of afflicted -- and are afflicted by stunted growth due to malnutrition. And yet, in 2012 and 2013, the regime spent an estimated $200 million -- or almost half the money that it allocated to improve living standards for its people -- to instead build even more monuments, towers, and statues to glorify its dictators.

What remains of the meager harvest of the North Korean economy is distributed according to perceived loyalty to a twisted regime. Far from valuing its people as equal citizens, this cruel dictatorship measures them, scores them, and ranks them based on the most arbitrary indications of their allegiance to the state. Those who score the highest in loyalty may live in the capital city. Those who score the lowest starve. A small infraction by one citizen, such as accidently staining a picture of the tyrant printed in a discarded newspaper, can wreck the social credit rank of his entire family for many decades.

An estimated 100,000 North Koreans suffer in gulags, toiling in forced labor, and enduring torture, starvation, rape, and murder on a constant basis.

In one known instance, a 9-year-old boy was imprisoned for 10 years because his grandfather was accused of treason. In another, a student was beaten in school for forgetting a single detail about the life of Kim Jong-un.

Soldiers have kidnapped foreigners and forced them to work as language tutors for North Korean spies.

In the part of Korea that was a stronghold for Christianity before the war, Christians and other people of faith who are found praying or holding a religious book of any kind are now detained, tortured, and in many cases, even executed.

North Korean women are forced to abort babies that are considered ethnically inferior. And if these babies are born, the newborns are murdered.

One woman’s baby born to a Chinese father was taken away in a bucket. The guards said it did not “deserve to live because it was impure.”

So why would China feel an obligation to help North Korea?

The horror of life in North Korea is so complete that citizens pay bribes to government officials to have themselves exported aboard as slaves. They would rather be slaves than live in North Korea.

To attempt to flee is a crime punishable by death. One person who escaped remarked, "When I think about it now, I was not a human being. I was more like an animal. Only after leaving North Korea did I realize what life was supposed to be."

And so, on this peninsula, we have watched the results of a tragic experiment in a laboratory of history. It is a tale of one people, but two Koreas. One Korea in which the people took control of their lives and their country, and chose a future of freedom and justice, of civilization, and incredible achievement. And another Korea in which leaders imprison their people under the banner of tyranny, fascism, and oppression. The result of this experiment are in, and they are totally conclusive.

When the Korean War began in 1950, the two Koreas were approximately equal in GDP per capita. But by the 1990s, South Korea’s wealth had surpassed North Korea's by more than 10 times. And today, the South’s economy is over 40 times larger. You started the same a short while ago, and now you're 40 times larger. You're doing something right.

Considering the misery wrought by the North Korean dictatorship, it is no surprise that it has been forced to take increasingly desperate measures to prevent its people from understanding this brutal contrast.

Because the regime fears the truth above all else, it forbids virtually all contact with the outside world. Not just my speech today, but even the most commonplace facts of South Korean life are forbidden knowledge to the North Korean people. Western and South Korean music is banned. Possession of foreign media is a crime punishable by death. Citizens spy on fellow citizens, their homes are subject to search at any time, and their every action is subject to surveillance. In place of a vibrant society, the people of North Korea are bombarded by state propaganda practically every waking hour of the day.

North Korea is a country ruled as a cult. At the center of this military cult is a deranged belief in the leader’s destiny to rule as parent protector over a conquered Korean Peninsula and an enslaved Korean people.

The more successful South Korea becomes, the more decisively you discredit the dark fantasy at the heart of the Kim regime.

In this way, the very existence of a thriving South Korean republic threatens the very survival of the North Korean dictatorship.

This city and this assembly are living proof that a free and independent Korea not only can, but does stand strong, sovereign, and proud among the nations of the world. (Applause.)
In 2005, after years of diplomacy, the dictatorship agreed to ultimately abandon its nuclear programs and return to the Treaty on Non-Proliferation. But it never did. And worse, it tested the very weapons it said it was going to give up. In 2009, the United States gave negotiations yet another chance, and offered North Korea the open hand of engagement. The regime responded by sinking a South Korean Navy ship, killing 46 Korean sailors. To this day, it continues to launch missiles over the sovereign territory of Japan and all other neighbors, test nuclear devices, and develop ICBMs to threaten the United States itself. The regime has interpreted America’s past restraint as weakness. This would be a fatal miscalculation. This is a very different administration than the United States has had in the past.

Today, I hope I speak not only for our countries, but for all civilized nations, when I say to the North: Do not underestimate us, and do not try us. We will defend our common security, our shared prosperity, and our sacred liberty.

We did not choose to draw here, on this peninsula -- (applause) -- this magnificent peninsula -- the thin line of civilization that runs around the world and down through time. But here it was drawn, and here it remains to this day. It is the line between peace and war, between decency and depravity, between law and tyranny, between hope and total despair. It is a line that has been drawn many times, in many places, throughout history. To hold that line is a choice free nations have always had to make. We have learned together the high cost of weakness and the high stakes of its defense.

America’s men and women in uniform have given their lives in the fight against Nazism, imperialism, Communism and terrorism.

America does not seek conflict or confrontation, but we will never run from it. History is filled with discarded regimes that have foolishly tested America’s resolve.

Anyone who doubts the strength or determination of the United States should look to our past, and you will doubt it no longer. We will not permit America or our allies to be blackmailed or attacked. We will not allow American cities to be threatened with destruction. We will not be intimidated. And we will not let the worst atrocities in history be repeated here, on this ground, we fought and died so hard to secure. (Applause.)

That is why I have come here, to the heart of a free and flourishing Korea, with a message for the peace-loving nations of the world: The time for excuses is over. Now is the time for strength. If you want peace, you must stand strong at all times. (Applause.) The world cannot tolerate the menace of a rogue regime that threatens with nuclear devastation.
The speech deserves to be seen in it's entirety. It's a stunning contrast with the weak failed moral equivalence of the Obama years and a reiteration of the most effective formula for avoiding war: PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH!

Next to Vietnam and Meeting with Putin

Trump talked tough on trade at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) CEO Summit in Vietnam. But he also found time for some meetings with other world leaders. This photo is sure to rile Trump haters:

While Trump was in Vietnam, First Lady Melania, who was a star on the red carpet at every event took some private time for a tour of the Great Wall before heading to Alaska to visit U.S. troops. Shown leaving one of the guard houses Melania walked along the ramparts:

Thus far, Trump's foreign trips have all been a tremendous success. Whether it was in Saudi Arabia, Poland or Asia the world is welcoming renewed American leadership and allies join the refrain: Make America Great Again!

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Trump Election Anniversary: One Year Ago the World Changed for the Better!

Watch the full CNN broadcast if you want to relive the moment liberals loathe!

What a night that was. Watch as talking heads on CNN once certain of a Hillary victory face a new reality. They've been unhappy and unhinged ever since.

Back to this year, hysteric sore losers will take the streets to scream at the sky today as if that will help. But while they engage in yet another in a year long orgy of senseless anger and futility I'll be thinking of Henry Davis who posted this on You Tube the day after the election:

The video above is the perfect antidote to the bile being passed around on this anniversary by the hate filled left

Happy Trump Anniversary!

Monday, November 06, 2017

Photo Highlights from Trump Asia Trip: Making American Foreign Policy Great Again!

Restoring America's role as a world leader.  No more leading from behind!

At stopover in Hawaii Trump is greeted by Air Force personnel.  I guess these Airmen don't
buy the B.S. that Trump is a white supremacist!
After arriving in Japan Trump speaks to U.S. Air Force personnel at Yokota Air Base.
Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe prides himself on having a great relationship with Trump.
Abe was the first foreign leader to meet with Trump after the election. Here the two men pose before a game of golf with hats that say "Donald and Shinxo Make Alliance Even Greater."
Trump meets with Emperor Akihito. Notice the difference in the photo below with how Obama greeted the Emperor in 2009 on his first visit to the Imperial Palace.
Obama during his world wide apology tour in 2009: A sign of bad things to come!
Melania Trump with Akie Abe, wife of Japanese Prime Minister visiting school children.
More to come as the Asian tour progresses. But isn't it great we have a President who stands up for America instead of bowing?

Thursday, November 02, 2017

New Twist in Obama/Hillary Uranium Scandal. Russians Controlled U.S. Uranium AND Exported It

Another example of how Russian influence during the Obama years is fact, not fiction!

So, we had some left wing commenters who only recently discovered Russia as a strategic threat defend the Obama/Hillary Uranium One deal. The same deal which allowed the Ruskies to corner the market on world supplies of uranium.  These Russian/Obama apologists insisted that no uranium had left the United States.  Not exactly.

From The Hill by John Solomon:
After the Obama administration approved the sale of a Canadian mining company with significant U.S. uranium reserves to a firm owned by Russia’s government, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission assured Congress and the public the new owners couldn’t export any raw nuclear fuel from America’s shores.

“No uranium produced at either facility may be exported,” the NRC declared in a November 2010 press release that announced that ARMZ, a subsidiary of the Russian state-owned Rosatom, had been approved to take ownership of the Uranium One mining firm and its American assets.

A year later, the nuclear regulator repeated the assurance in a letter to Sen. John Barrasso, a Wyoming Republican in whose state Uranium One operated mines.

“Neither Uranium One Inc. nor AMRZ holds a specific NRC export license. In order to export uranium from the United States, Uranium One Inc. or ARMZ would need to apply for and obtain a specific NRC license authorizing the exports of uranium for use in reactor fuel,” then-NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko wrote to Barrasso.
The NRC never issued an export license to the Russian firm, a fact so engrained in the narrative of the Uranium One controversy that it showed up in The Washington Post’s official fact-checker site this week. “We have noted repeatedly that extracted uranium could not be exported by Russia without a license, which Rosatom does not have,” the Post reported on Monday, linking to the 2011 Barrasso letter.

Yet NRC memos reviewed by The Hill show that it did approve the shipment of yellowcake uranium — the raw material used to make nuclear fuel and weapons — from the Russian-owned mines in the United States to Canada in 2012 through a third party. Later, the Obama administration approved some of that uranium going all the way to Europe, government documents show.
Rather than give Rosatom a direct export license — which would have raised red flags inside a Congress already suspicious of the deal — the NRC in 2012 authorized an amendment to an existing export license for a Paducah, Ky.-based trucking firm called RSB Logistics Services Inc. to simply add Uranium One to the list of clients whose uranium it could move to Canada.

The license, reviewed by The Hill, is dated March 16, 2012, and it increased the amount of uranium ore concentrate that RSB Logistics could ship to the Cameco Corp. plant in Ontario from 7,500,000 kilograms to 12,000,000 kilograms and added Uranium One to the “other parties to Export.”
The United States actually imports the majority of the uranium it uses as fuel. In 2016, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 24 percent of the imports came from Kazakhstan and 14 percent came from Russia.
Note that last paragraph. The Obama Administration gave Russia control of U.S. uranium and in so doing is even more dependent on Russian produced uranium. How is that wise? But it gets worse...
Government officials told The Hill that the NRC was able to amend the export license affecting Uranium One because of two other decisions previously made by the Obama administration as part of a Russian “reset” in President Obama’s first term.

First, Obama reinstated a U.S.-Russia civilian nuclear energy cooperation agreement. President George W. Bush had signed the agreement in 2008, but withdrew from it before it could take effect after Russia became involved in a military conflict with the former Soviet republic of Georgia, a U.S. ally, and after new concerns surfaced that Moscow was secretly aiding Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions.

Obama re-submitted the agreement for approval by the Democrat-controlled Congress in May 2010, declaring Russia should be viewed as a friendly partner under Section 123 the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 after agreeing to a new nuclear weapons reduction deal and helping the U.S. with Iran.
The other step that allowed uranium from the Russian-controlled mines in the United States to be exported came in 2011, when the Commerce Department removed Rosatom, Uranium One’s owner, from a list of restricted companies that could not export nuclear or other sensitive materials or technologies without special approval under the Export Administration Regulations.
The Uranium One deal has been controversial since at least 2015, when The New York Times reported former President Bill Clinton received a $500,000 speech fee from a Russian bank and millions in donations to his charitable foundation from sources interested in the deal around the time the Uranium One sale was being reviewed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s State Department and eight other federal agencies.
The entire Uranium One episode is getting a fresh look after The Hill disclosed late last month that the FBI had gathered extensive evidence in 2009 — before the mine sale was approved — that Rosatom’s main executive in the United States was engaged in a racketeering scheme that included bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering.

The probe was enabled by an undercover informant working for the FBI inside the Russian nuclear industry, court records show. But the Justice Department did not make that evidence public until 2014, long after Rosatom benefited from multiple favorable decisions from the Obama administration.
Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), a member of both the Senate Intelligence and Judiciary committees, told The Hill she would like to learn more about what the FBI knew.

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) has criticized Republicans for investigating Clinton, but said on “Morning Joe” last month he has "no problem looking into" the Uranium One deal.

And Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) said Sunday on CNN that he believed it was appropriate for Congress to investigate the new information.
Want to see MORE evidence of Democrats colluding with Russia? Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

If Russians Wanted Trump to Win Why Did They Place Facebook Ads Trashing Him After Election?

Or did Hillary and the Dems coordinate those ads with Russia?  Appoint a Special Prosecutor!

You've heard the nonsense that a handful of Facebook ads prior to the election critical of Hillary were paid for by Russians and somehow that was proof that Russia and Trump colluded to win last November.

OK, if Trump really was "Putin's Puppet" then why would the Russians then place ads on Facebook critical of Trump?

Politico has the story of the Senate hearing where internet big wigs were called to testify on the issue and revealed this information.

The entire Russia-Trump hoax was a fabrication from the get go when Hillary's campaign paid Russians through Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele to deliver false information about Trump.  This latest revelation shows just how silly that fake news still is!

Obama "Diversity" Migrant Brings Death and Terror to New York

Nothing proves the danger and idiocy of Obama's open border policy better than the terror attack in New York City!

Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review asks:
How many people must die before it becomes in vogue to speak that truth – that when you bring the Middle East to your shores … you bring the Middle East to your shores.
While technically not from the Middle East, the Uzbeki terrorist who killed eight people in New York and injured a dozen others came from a part of the world that is deeply stained by the blood of radical Islam. We should have known better than to give him a visa and along with that welcome in his family. But he was part of the "lottery" for green cards called "diversity visas" that was designed to make sure that we invited enough people from the world's remote trouble spots to create a terrorist fifth column in the United States. How many more of these attacks by migrants and refugees will it take before we wake up?

Democrat Chuck Schumer Sponsored Diversity Legislation.

In 1990, then Congressman Chuck Schumer sponsored the legislation which formed the basis for the Diversity Visa Program. Thinking back a few months to where now Senate Minority Leader Schumer cried because Trump was demanding more thorough vetting of refugees [video].

Uzbeki terrorist who benefited from the Diversity Visa Program sponsored by Chuck Schumer!
Schumer taking credit for diversity lottery: "As I ride my bike around New York City on the weekends I see what immigrants do for our country!"

What do you bet Senator Schumer will be skipping that bike ride this weekend!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Manafort Indictment Nothing to Do w/ Trump Russia Collusion

After a year of Trump Russia hysteria and this is the best they can do?

Here's the PDF of the indictment of Paul Manafort:

The document is 31 pages long. There is NOT ONE MENTION of Donald Trump or his campaign for President or any hint of collusion between the campaign and Russia. It's all about work Manafort did years ago in regard to Ukraine. Nothing at all to do with Trump.

Now, if the new standard of guilt is anyone who has ever done business with Ukraine, or even Russia by that matter, a much more recent case of Bill Clinton taking $500,000 for a speech in Moscow comes to mind but we'll let Mueller decide whether that applies.

Sorry Trump haters. Christmas (ooops, can't call it that can we) festivus or kwanza did not come early. It's Halloween and you went to Mueller's door and he's handing out apples instead of candy!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Major News Networks Still Covering Up for Hillary and Attacking Trump. Imagine Trump's Success if Coverage were Fair

Shouldn't we ask whether Hillary is guilty of treason?

Remember the sheer level of hysteric coverage of the Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian to discuss opposition research on Hillary?  The news broke this summer and the airwaves were filled with reporters, commenters and Democrats all shouting "TREASON."  One talking head said "this isn't a smoking gun, it's a smoking cannon."  See the montage here.

But then, as they often do, the facts slowly caught up with the manufactured hysteria and we learn from the actual memo prepared by the Russians for the meeting with Don Jr. that there wasn't much dirt being slung by the Russians. They just used that to gain access to push other policy objectives that are of little interest. Certainly nothing like the revelation that it was the Clinton campaign and DNC that funded a Russian dirty tricks smear operation that even infected the FBI and CIA.

But the media went berserk over Don Jr.'s news and basically swept the Hillary bombshell under the rug:

In all, there has been over a thousand minutes of Trump-Russia collusion stories on the major networks.  If placed on the graph below the amount of time networks spent discussing Hillary's scandals would barely show up.

Imagine how well Trump could advance his agenda if reporting of these various scandals were "fair and balanced?"  But that's exactly why the reporting is not. More evidence, not that any were needed, of a biased and corrupt media that will cover up wrongdoing by anyone with a (D) after their name.

What if the opinion of NY Post columnist David Harsanyi were given equal time in newsrooms across the country:
HARSANYI: Now, you might expect that the scandalous revelation of a political campaign using opposition research that was partially obtained from a hostile foreign power during a national election would ignite shrieks of “collusion” from all patriotic citizens. After all, only last summer, when it was reported that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Kremlin-linked Russian lawyer who claimed to be in possession of damaging information about Clinton, there was widespread condemnation.

Finally, we were told, a smoking gun tied the Trump campaign to Vladimir Putin. Former Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine went as far as to suggest that the independent counsel begin investigating treason.

Treason! Trump Jr. didn’t even pay for or accept research.

The Clinton crew, on the other hand, did. They didn’t openly push the contents of the dossier — probably because they knew it was mostly fiction. Instead, Fusion GPS leaked it to their friends in the media.
the dossier didn’t just awaken the Russia-stole-our-democracy narratives in the media. It’s just as likely that the dossier was used by Clinton’s allies in the government.

The Obama administration reportedly relied on the dossier to bolster its spying on US citizens. We know of at least one case where the information was used to justify a FISA warrant on a Trump adviser. And let’s not forget that Steele had reached an agreement to be compensated for his efforts by the FBI.
And at some point, Democrats will have to decide whether it’s wrong for a political campaign to work with foreigners when obtaining opposition research or whether it’s acceptable. We can’t have different standards for Democrats and Republicans.

Otherwise people might start to get the idea that all the histrionics over the past year weren’t really about Russian interference at all, but rather about Hillary losing an election that they assumed she’d win.
But of course we do have different standards for Democrats and Republicans.  Democrats know it and they use it to their advantage. Sadly, too many Republicans think that the best counter is to play nice and hope the media will treat them well. Just ask John McCain how that worked out in the 2008 presidential election!

P.S. Media Bias Mirrors Prosecutor Bias

As a final proof for our media bias narrative consider how the media would react if prosecutors of any potential Hillary wrongdoing included major donors to Trump and Republican campaigns. Keep the following fact in mind over the next few days:

Friday, October 27, 2017

Top Dems Broke the Law and LIED to Congress About Dirty Dealings and Payouts for Fake Russian Dossier

But don't expect them to be held to the same level of accountability as Trump and associates. That only happens to Republicans!

Things are really starting to get interesting.  Soon we will have the potential bombshell of an eyewitness to Russian bribery of U.S. officials from the Obama Administration. And possibly also, the bank records from the discredited Democrat firm which supplied the phony Russian dossier. Did they pay Russians in Putin's power for that malarkey?  Who else did they pay with Hillary's money?

We should soon know. But for now, we have the sorry fact that Dems LIED to congressional investigators and even CNN is having trouble covering up for them. Take this report from Manu Raju and Jeremy Herb:

Exclusive: In Hill interviews, top Dems denied knowledge of payments to firm behind Trump dossier

(CNN)Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta and former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz both privately denied to congressional Russia investigators that they had any knowledge about an arrangement to pay for opposition research on President Donald Trump, three sources familiar with the matter told CNN.
The interviews happened before this week's disclosure that the Clinton campaign and DNC paid for the research. Senate investigators may seek to further question the two top Democrats and dig deeper on the origins of the so-called Trump dossier, one of the sources briefed on the matter said.
Their remarks to congressional investigators raise the stakes in their assertion that they knew nothing about the funding because it's against the law to make false statements to Congress.

Podesta was asked in his September interview whether the Clinton campaign had a contractual agreement with Fusion GPS, and he said he was not aware of one, according to one of the sources.
Sitting next to Podesta during the interview: his attorney Marc Elias, who worked for the law firm that hired Fusion GPS to continue research on Trump on behalf of the Clinton campaign and DNC, multiple sources said. Elias was only there in his capacity as Podesta's attorney and not as a witness.
On Tuesday, that law firm, Perkins Coie, wrote in a letter that it had retained Fusion GPS as part of its representation of the Clinton campaign and the DNC. The disclosure of the Democratic funding source for Fusion GPS is raising new questions for the congressional Russian investigators. The Perkins Coie letter suggested its clients -- the Clinton campaign and the DNC -- did not learn about the matter until recently.
Senate intelligence Chairman Richard Burr told CNN Wednesday that the disclosure that Fusion GPS had been paid by the Clinton campaign and the DNC opens up a new line of inquiry for the panel to pursue as part of its investigation.
"This provides us the ability to connect some dots that we couldn't do before this," Burr said. "And any investigation when you have a revelation this big, it begins to clarify some pictures that you were already trying to understand. This ... will require us to dig a lot deeper in some areas that maybe a week ago we weren't planning to."
Why is it so easy for Democrats to lie?

Things are starting to get messy for Democrats VERY quickly. After a year of pointing the finger at Trump we're now finding out how Democrats may potentially be guilty of far worse. Is it time yet to appoint a Special Prosecutor to look into this with the same thoroughness as the investigation of Trump?

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Is Clinton Obama Russian Scandal About to go Nuclear? Gag Order Lifted on Man Who Has the Evidence!

Will we see the Dems who fretted over phony Trump Russia collusion show the same concern for a REAL Russian scandal?

This will be VERY interesting:

FBI informant in Obama-era Russian nuclear bribery cleared to testify before Congress

The Justice Department on Wednesday night released a former FBI informant from a confidentiality agreement, allowing him to testify before Congress about what he witnessed undercover about the Russian nuclear industry’s efforts to win favorable decisions during the Obama administration.
Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores confirmed to The Hill a deal had been reached clearing the informant to talk to Congress for the first time, nearly eight years after he first went undercover for the FBI. 
“As of tonight, the Department of Justice has authorized the informant to disclose to the Chairmen and Ranking Members of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, as well as one member of each of their staffs, any information or documents he has concerning alleged corruption or bribery involving transactions in the uranium market, including but not limited to anything related to Vadim Mikerin, Rosatom, Tenex, Uranium One, or the Clinton Foundation,” she said.
Multiple congressional committees have been seeking to interview the informant, whose name has not been released publicly, because he stayed undercover for nearly five years providing agents information on Russia’s aggressive efforts to grow its atomic energy business in America. 
The committees are keen to learn what the informant knows about any Russian efforts to curry favor with Bill and Hillary Clinton, to win Obama administration approval for Moscow’s purchase of large uranium assets in the United States or to secure billions in new uranium sales contracts with American utilities.
Russia’s uranium business drew controversy starting in 2015 when it was revealed that former President Clinton collected a $500,000 speaking fee from a Russian bank and millions more in charitable donations interested in the Uranium One deal while his wife Hillary Clinton served as secretary of State. Russia’s Tenex nuclear sales arm also secured billions in new American nuclear fuel contracts about the same time. 
The Obama administration said they saw no national security reasons to block the deals, one of which gave Russian President Vladimir Putin control of 20 percent of America’s uranium stockpile. 
But last week a series of stories published in The Hill disclosed that before those decisions were made, the FBI had gathered extensive evidence that Mikerin, Tenex’s chief executive inside the United States, was directing a massive bribery scheme, compromising an American trucking company that shipped uranium for Russia.
What's more is that Obama was briefed on the whole mess and went along with the Russian deal anyway. I guess when Russians are colluding with Americans it's OK as long as they are Democrats!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Anatomy of a Smear: Biggest Dirty Trick of All Time. How Hillary Paid for Russian Dossier Then Used FBI/CIA to Attack Trump.

This house of cards is about to come crashing down!

The Washington Post broke the story Tuesday night. The Clinton campaign paid for the infamous Russian dossier that supposedly linked Trump to Russian collusion.  The post reports: "Marc E. Elias, a lawyer representing the Clinton campaign and the DNC, retained Fusion GPS, a Washington firm, to conduct the research." This is the same Elias who lied repeatedly to reporters about the funding.  Needless to say, reporters at the New York Times who carried that water are now upset that they were used:

The fake dossier was used to initiate FBI and CIA investigations and may have provided the basis for obtaining wiretaps of Trump and associates. It also was a factor in appointing a Special Prosecutor to investigate Trump.

In summarizing the findings, NY Post columnist Michael Goodwin wrote:
The Post report provides possible answers to other questions, too. Because Clinton’s team paid for the dossier, it’s likely that she gave it to the FBI, where James Comey planned to hire the former British agent who had compiled it to keep digging dirt on Trump.

The finding also raises the possibility that the dossier is what led the Obama White House to snoop on members of Trump’s team, and leak the “unmasked” names to the anti-Trump media in a bid to help Clinton.

In short, we now have compelling evidence that the dossier was the largest and dirtiest dirty trick of the 2016 campaign. And Clinton, who has played the victim card ever since her loss, was behind it the whole time.

Anybody surprised? Me neither.
No, I'm not surprised. To prove that we're on to something here we have Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD). This is the same Member of Congress who can be counted on to dismiss every Democrat misdeed. Cummings called these revelations a "distraction" that takes away from his and fellow Dem's efforts to continue the smear campaign of lies. Bought and paid for!

P.S. As you might imagine there is the potential for other shoes to drop in this unfolding hyper-scandal. Perhaps one of the biggest is the role the FBI played in this episode.  As the Washington Post reported in February we know the FBI had considered paying to continue the smear process during a presidential campaign. What other actions did they take? Why are they stonewalling Congressional committees whose job it is to oversee the Bureau?

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Do Dems Care About Russian Collusion? Lift FBI Gag Order on Uranium One Deal Involving Hillary, Obama and Mueller

There is NO evidence of any Trump Russia collusion but there IS evidence of collusion and corruption about uranium deal. LET THE WITNESS SPEAK!

Our Trump hating friends insist that Trump is "Putin's Puppet."  When asked to provide any example of where Trump has done anything to benefit Russia they change the subject.  I wonder if they care about a case where there was a massive benefit to Russia?

Millions in payoffs including huge speaking fees for Bill Clinton, donations to the Clinton Foundation as well as bribes and kickbacks.  All part of a Russian scheme to control uranium that was enabled by the Obama Administration with Hillary Clinton playing a key role.  Former Federal Prosecutor Andrew McCarthy reviews the case in detail.

There was even a conviction, through a very generous plea deal, that was quietly hushed up by the very same prosecutor hired by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller to investigate Trump. Andrew Weisman, a bulldog of a prosecutor known for his aggressive prosecutions of high profile cases came off like a chihuahua in this case.

And  Special Prosecutor Mueller has his fingerprints on this Russian scandal too.  Why did the FBI put a gag order on the one witness who brought this information to light and prevent him from informing Congress and the public?

Looking into the matter Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) has demanded the FBI lift the gag order and allow the witness to speak. Why not if there is nothing to hide? But we are dealing with the deep state here and corruption at this level involving so many current and former officials will be a hard nut to crack. Isn't it time we had a special prosecutor to investigate the Special Prosecutor, the Clintons and Obama?

Friday, October 20, 2017

Democrats in Virginia Cut Black Man's Photo from Campaign Material for Political Reasons

But we're not supposed to call DEMS racist?

Can you imagine the hoo ha that would take place if a photo of a black GOP candidate were cut from party campaign literature weeks before an election for political reasons?  You know the story line by now, charges of racism, marches, protests, NFL players, you name it. The usual racebaiting song and dance.

But when Dems do it, hardly a peep.  Take the example in Virginia where Justin Fairfax, Dem candidate for Lt. Governor in a close election had his name and photo removed from party literature distributed in the state.

Naturally, black Democrats are upset. But they're used to it by now. Dems use them as a doormat time and time again. When will they learn?

Samantha Power, Obama UN Ambassador Claims Someone Used Her Name to Spy on American Citizens

If true it's a staggering lapse in intelligence safeguards and worthy of a Special Prosecutor. Same if she's lying!

Can you imagine the media reaction if someone in the Trump Administration did something very suspicious and claimed that it was done by someone else using their name?  You would have to be very careful standing in front of a microphone as the stampede of Democrats demanding a Special Prosecutor would put you at risk.

But apparently when an Obama Administration official is asked why she unmasked a record number of Americans in highly sensitive intelligence matters and then claimed it was by someone using her name there is hardly a peep in the media.

Here's the story. You decide whether it merits an investigation. If not, I assume you're fine with Trump Administration officials spying on Americans!

College Students Reflexive Dismissal of Trump Tax Plan But Approve When Told Same Plan is by Bernie Sanders

Just shows you how well programmed these robots are and how they have no principles AT ALL!

Campus Reform went out and interviewed students at George Washington University in Washington, DC regarding Trump's tax reform proposal.  One might expect students there to be better informed on public policy but sadly no. When asked if they supported Trump's tax plan they responded with the same pre-programmed responses Democrats have used to brainwash the ignorant for years. Nonsense like "tax cuts for the rich," blah, blah, blah.

But when the interviewer told the students specifics of Trump's plan that these policy changes were proposed by left wing nut Bernie Sanders the students all had favorable reactions. Watch....

Maybe Trump should just change his name to Bernie Sanders and he'd be re-elected by acclamation!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

To Dems Nothing is Sacred Anymore. Not the Flag, Not the Anthem, Not the Death of a Fallen Soldier. It's ALL POLITICS to Them!

Listen to General Kelly, who lost his son in war, describe the process of calling families of the fallen and his disgust at what the left tried to turn it into!

It's almost too horrible to comment on. The politicization of the death of a soldier. But the left goes there without shame.  On Thursday, White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly describes the process of honoring fallen soldiers and the President's role especially in the case of La David Johnson, whose death has been used shamelessly by some of the same people who spit on the flag and our country.  I excerpted the video to the relevant point but feel free to watch the whole thing:

GEN KELLY: Well, let me tell you what I told him. Let me tell you what my best friend, Joe Dunford, told me -- because he was my casualty officer. He said, Kel, he was doing exactly what he wanted to do when he was killed. He knew what he was getting into by joining that 1 percent. He knew what the possibilities were because we're at war. And when he died, in the four cases we're talking about, Niger, and my son's case in Afghanistan -- when he died, he was surrounded by the best men on this Earth: his friends.

That's what the President tried to say to four families the other day. I was stunned when I came to work yesterday morning, and broken-hearted at what I saw a member of Congress doing. A member of Congress who listened in on a phone call from the President of the United States to a young wife, and in his way tried to express that opinion -- that he's a brave man, a fallen hero, he knew what he was getting himself into because he enlisted. There's no reason to enlist; he enlisted. And he was where he wanted to be, exactly where he wanted to be, with exactly the people he wanted to be with when his life was taken.

That was the message. That was the message that was transmitted.

It stuns me that a member of Congress would have listened in on that conversation. Absolutely stuns me. And I thought at least that was sacred. You know, when I was a kid growing up, a lot of things were sacred in our country. Women were sacred, looked upon with great honor. That's obviously not the case anymore as we see from recent cases. Life -- the dignity of life -- is sacred. That's gone. Religion, that seems to be gone as well.

Gold Star families, I think that left in the convention over the summer. But I just thought -- the selfless devotion that brings a man or woman to die on the battlefield, I just thought that that might be sacred.

And when I listened to this woman and what she was saying, and what she was doing on TV, the only thing I could do to collect my thoughts was to go and walk among the finest men and women on this Earth. And you can always find them because they're in Arlington National Cemetery. I went over there for an hour-and-a-half, walked among the stones, some of whom I put there because they were doing what I told them to do when they were killed.

I'll end with this: In October -- April, rather, of 2015, I was still on active duty, and I went to the dedication of the new FBI field office in Miami. And it was dedicated to two men who were killed in a firefight in Miami against drug traffickers in 1986 -- a guy by the name of Grogan and Duke. Grogan almost retired, 53 years old; Duke, I think less than a year on the job. Anyways, they got in a gunfight and they were killed. Three other FBI agents were there, were wounded, and now retired. So we go down -- Jim Comey gave an absolutely brilliant memorial speech to those fallen men and to all of the men and women of the FBI who serve our country so well, and law enforcement so well.

There were family members there. Some of the children that were there were three or four years old when their dads were killed on that street in Miami-Dade. Three of the men that survived the fight were there, and gave a rendition of how brave those men were and how they gave their lives.

And a congresswoman stood up, and in the long tradition of empty barrels making the most noise, stood up there and all of that and talked about how she was instrumental in getting the funding for that building, and how she took care of her constituents because she got the money, and she just called up President Obama, and on that phone call he gave the money -- the $20 million -- to build the building. And she sat down, and we were stunned. Stunned that she had done it. Even for someone that is that empty a barrel, we were stunned.

But, you know, none of us went to the press and criticized. None of us stood up and were appalled. We just said, okay, fine.

So I still hope, as you write your stories, and I appeal to America, that let's not let this maybe last thing that's held sacred in our society -- a young man, young woman going out and giving his or her life for our country -- let's try to somehow keep that sacred. But it eroded a great deal yesterday by the selfish behavior of a member of Congress.

Nothing is sacred to Democrats except power. So corrupt! How long before the Trump hating Congresswoman who LIED about this issue uses it to raise money?

UPDATE: Dem Congresswoman Voted AGAINST Vets and Families!
The Florida Democrat who criticized President Donald Trump this week for being "insensitive" toward the widow of a U.S. soldier slain in Africa might be facing similar criticism herself.

It turns out that U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson has frequently voted against measures intended to help veterans and their families, according to, a vote-tracking site whose founding board members included former presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford.

The measures that Wilson opposed included a bill that could have ensured that families of four soldiers slain in Afghanistan in 2013 received death and burial benefits.

In fact, Wilson’s voting record on veterans issues may call into question the sincerity of her recent defense of U.S. service members and their families.

Despite Wilson's claim to be “committed to honoring our service members, not only with words but with deeds,” she has voted against most bills ensuring continued funding for veteran benefits, including payments to widows of fallen soldiers, the vote-tracking site shows.

She has also opposed measures designed to improve the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Another vile, racist, left wing ranter. Aren't we over quota for those haters?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

So, NFL Players Can Protest National Anthem But @Delta Passengers Can't Sing to Honor Fallen Soldier. And Flight Attendant LIED About Policy

What about the free speech rights of REAL Americans?

We're told that NFL players have the right to protest the National Anthem, even though they are at work. But why don't those of us who love this country have the right to sing the Anthem? Especially to honor a fallen soldier....

Dr. Gaudry has the full video on her Facebook page. Here's a shorter version:

SAVANNAH, Ga. — A Georgia physician said her plan to honor a fallen soldier by singing the U.S. national anthem aboard a Delta Air Lines plane carrying the soldier’s casket was stopped by a flight attendant who told her it would violate company policy.

Dr. Pamela Gaudry of Savannah said she and fellow passengers were told “to stay quietly in our seats” as an honor guard escorted the casket from the plane Saturday at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. A flight attendant told her that singing “The Star Spangled Banner” would make passengers from other countries uncomfortable, she said.
Gaudry said she was flying Saturday from Philadelphia to Atlanta when the pilot told passengers the plane was carrying the remains of a fallen American soldier. She said she began asking other passengers if they would join her in singing the anthem as the casket was taken off the plane. Many agreed enthusiastically, she said.

“The chief flight attendant came back to my seat and she kneeled down and she said, ‘It is against company policy to do what you’re doing,'” Gaudry said in the video. “And I said, ‘The national anthem? And there’s a soldier onboard?’ And she said, ‘Yes, you cannot sing the national anthem. It is against company policy.'”

Gaudry said she stayed in her seat with her head down — a decision she soon regretted. In her video, she reserved the harshest criticism for herself: “I just did the most uncourageous thing in my life today.”

Anthony Black, a spokesman for Atlanta-based Delta, declined to comment Monday on the specifics on Gaudry’s account.

“There is not a policy about singing the national anthem, period,” Black said.

The body of Army Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright, a special forces soldier who was among four U.S. troops killed in an ambush attack Oct. 4 in Niger, was returned Saturday to Wright’s family in rural southeast Georgia.
On Twitter, Dr. Gaudry is being attacked by the same people who think the NFL players protest is just peachy.  I bet if NFL players wanted to protest onboard a Delta flight the attendant who refused to allow Dr. Gaudry to sing would have cheered them on. It's time to stand up for America and stop letting these politically correct bullies from depriving us of OUR rights!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Another Sex Hypocrite: Trump Critic @JimmyKimmelLive Asks Woman to Guess What's In His Pants. "Put Your Mouth on It"

Trump is starting to look like a Boy Scout compared to these leches!

Night after night Jimmy Kimmel blasts Trump on just about everything. Who knew that a comedian could be such an expert. But while lambasting Trump, Kimmel has his own skeletons rattling around.

More dirt and sleaze from another sanctimonious Hollywood liberal who relishes lecturing the rest of us while doing whatever he pleases. SICK!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Media Collusion: Denouncing Pence for "Stunt" While Praising NFL Players Who Kneel During Anthem

Once again, free speech rights are the exclusive purview of the left. Anyone else exercising theirs will be denounced!

Vice President Mike Pence, shown above in his home state of Indiana at an NFL game between the Indianopolis Colts and San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. Pence, along with his wife in a Colts Jersey stand at attention during the playing of the National Anthem while on the field several players from the 49ers showed disrespect for the flag. Shortly after Pence and his wife walked out.

In a series of tweets Pence explains:
It didn't take long for the usual whiners to attack Pence:
The vice president later came under fire from 49ers safety Eric Reid, who called the early exit a “PR stunt” and example of “systemic oppression.” “He knew our team has had the most players protest,” Mr. Reid told reporters. “He knew we were probably going to do it again. And so this is what systemic oppression looks like—a man with power comes to the game, tweets a couple things out and leaves the game with an attempt to thwart our efforts.”
So now these fabulously rich NFL players are "oppressed?" Unbelievable considering that no one "thwarted" their effort to disrespect the flag.

And apparently, the feeling that Pence doesn't have the same right to express his views as an overpaid NFL player was widely shared by the left wing sports press and other players who have such praise for the players engaging in this behavior while denouncing anyone who dares to express their views and criticize:
DAVID MUIR: (music) Vice President Pence sparking a firestorm. Was it a political stunt?
RON CLAIBORNE: (outdoor noise) How much in taxpayer money was wasted on this stunt?
BILL WEIR: …an expensive political stunt.
KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: This political stunt…
PETER ALEXANDER: …a political stunt…
ANA CABRERA: Was this all just a political stunt?
JENNIFER RUBIN: Of course it was a political stunt.
VAN JONES: You’ve got now the president, the vice president pulling off a stunt to oppose a stunt protesting a protest.
ALISYN CAMEROTA: This was a quarter million dollar publicity stunt?
RYAN NOBLES: …just a big publicity stunt.
JAMES ROSEN: …a preplanned publicity stunt…
RICHARD LUI: What the vice president did here, was this a stunt?
TYLER TYNES: This seems like a PR stunt.
DONTE STALLWORTH: …this whole staged publicity stunt…
JOE WATKINS: …sending the vice president to the game was a preplanned stunt.
I don't suppose it ever occurred to any of these overpaid whiners that the "STUNT" is what the players are doing?

At this rate, the further politicizing of NFL games by activist players who disrepect our flag and anthem will drive the NFL viewership and ticket sales even further into the ground. No doubt when this starts hitting players in the wallet they will be first in line to demand some sort of government handout. I have an idea. Let's buy the protesting players a one way ticket to a country where they won't feel so oppressed. I hear North Korea is nice this time of year!
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